by Short Skirt

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Zack Mc
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Zack Mc What's most impressive about this release is that it has a perfect rock:roll ratio Favorite track: Eager to Leave.
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released April 20, 2016



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Short Skirt Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: And Having a Good Time
you met me young dumb and full of false confidence
said i made you find god and then you killed my innocence

now i'm not a person
just a living statue half-complete by a fucked-up pygmalion
limping around with the chorus behind me
chanting 'stupid girl, damaged girl, no wonder you ended up this way!'

i hope you see my shadow all the time
i hope you never sleep at night
i hope the next woman you touch cuts both your hands off by the wrists
Track Name: Like a Bird in a Cage
tired of the hanging on
upholding a mockery
i get sick with each and every sunrise

i can't be here
no i'm fine

life becomes unbearable waiting
a shitty party that doesn't end
i don't wanna spend forever staring at the door

so don't cut the rope

i can see the sun growing larger
i can smell it on the ocean
i can see the clouds dissolve
it's such a lovely day
Track Name: Eager to Leave
consume the labor of others or die
eat the flesh of the unpaid or starve

there's no life for us without sapping blood
there is no ethical way to drink
but i suck and i suck and my mouth fills up
and i can taste the sweat and the soil from the skin of someone i'll never meet

oh god
Track Name: XXX
you turned to me
you said you had some dream
that we bit from the same poison apple
in my head i agreed
and we fell back asleep
and come morning we felt it all over again

you want the truth
what i think of you
i keep my visions to myself
hold my tongue til it goes numb

let's drag this dead horse around so we can beat it whenever we want